• Dimar - Tuttofood
    TuttoFood - Milano World Food Exhibition
  • Codfishing boat
    At Dimar, we select the best products right from the outset.
  • Dimar factory
    We have a very extensive and modern factory, able to continue adapting to the future.
  • Product sample
    We manufacture a wide variety of products to satisfy market demands.
  • Dimar van
    Our factory is situated just a few kilometres from the border, thus making international transport even easier.

At Dimar, we are deeply committed to producing excellent quality salted, fresh and frozen cod. Our philosophy is to guarantee the maximum degree of quality, working with the product right from the very beginning in order to offer the consumer a natural and easy-to-use product.

The values that set us apart are: personalised service, an excellent price/quality ratio, and continued development in our range of products in response to market demands.